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Most large companies have teams dedicated to on-boarding and developing employees. But when you are a smaller company what do you do? 

Answer - We provide your affordable flexible LMS

You choose the content that you want your employees or emerging leaders to learn with. Reporting and certification easily generated for you. 

When developing teams and having them work with a common framework - Things run smoother when everyone has a baseline in common.

Are you a company that stands out? Are you a company that wants its people to to be appreciated and Stand Out?  When people stand out then tend to Stand Proud and STAY - Our programs support DEI and other key intiatives.

Invest in your biggest asset, provide them World-Class Mindset Management Content!  It does not need to break the bank! Retention and Employee engagement have risen for hundreds of other companies. Are you ready to see the same?

This cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) is ready to go with an extensive line-up of self-paced online courses. Course can and are combined with our team and individual coaching packages.

The transition between College and Corporate can be stress-filled. Encouraging growth through learning Soft Skills will benefit any company. If you are an  individual get a jump on your peers by learning extra important skills yourself, this WILL pay dividends.

Why I do

what I do..

Malcolm Evans 

I am a Coach, a business coach with a background in High Tech Strategic Selling and Global Marketing.  Always been a team player, in school, in sport or as a leader in business. Looking back I now recognize how I was afforded and squandered so many opportunities. 

How and Why?
This I realized in my journey with Positive Intelligence (PQ).
My decisions were based in thought patterns and habits that I had developed early in life, I had outgrown their usefulness but they were still present and very active..

PQ It has the ability to help individuals make subtle shifts from being controlled by
their thoughts into having their thoughts serve them more effectively.

I selected this program as a Cornerstone of any and all coaching and development
that I am engaged to conduct. Why? Because PQ works,

A Focus on Habit Formation - Most trainings provide Insights and result in short-lived improvements. For sustained results, with PQ we focus on building neural pathways that form lasting new habits. That’s why we call this “mental fitness”.

Adopted by some very large companies all around the world , PQ supports the wellbeing and performance of the individual and the organization alike in a way that no other single program can..

I have seen this in action, you can also.

This works - Take a look!
I WANT to share what I know to the world and it is gratifying to see  it in action.

At Sales Accent, we offer personalized  coaching for both individuals and teams. Our individual programs cater to your attaining specific goals, career aspirations, and challenges.

We are about reframing, growth and retention and use the best tools we could find - Positive Intelligence is such a tool.

This Program makes Huge impacts when applied alongside our programs for a wide range of applications,

Team Building,
Morale Improvements,
Sales Improvements,
Stress Reduction,

Personal Benefits:

"The Positive Intelligence Program, which evolved from  Shirzad Chamine's book "Positive Intelligence"
helps individuals and teams in the following ways:

1. Improved mental and emotional wellbeing: .
2. Increased resilience: 
3. More positive self-talk: 
4. Improved communication skills: 
5. Enhanced creativity and innovation: 
6. Increased productivity:
7. Better team collaboration and cohesion:
8. Enhanced leadership skills:

Overall, the Positive Intelligence program helps individuals and teams achieve greater success and happiness by fostering a more positive, empowering mindset and developing key skills and abilities that support personal and professional growth."

Thousands of  testimonials all agree that there is nothing that can compare to the effectiveness of this program - Investigate it for yourself, experience it and see what you say....

Whether you're a small business, a corporate team, or a one person sales team, we can help you up your game.

Sales Accent Coaching is dedicated to empowering key individuals and teams to thrive.

Let's speak and take the first step towards unlocking your potential for success.

All of your company initiatives..Will Improve!"
When you Unlock the potential your team members may not even realize they possess."


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Online Marketer

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Business Developer

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Web Developer

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